Course Outline


Overview of COBIT Framework, Components, and Principles

  • The COBIT framework
  • Domains and components
  • Key principles

Learning About the Key Principles for IT Governance

  • Information security
  • Governance and management principles
  • Security-specific activities and metrics

Exploring the COBIT Framework

  • COBIT core model
  • Performance management
  • Design factors and focus areas

Understanding Governance and Management Objectives

  • Objective descriptions and purpose
  • Relevant components to objectives

Designing a Tailored IT Governance Solution

  • Customizing COBIT
  • Design factors impact
  • COBIT toolkit

Implementing COBIT to Optimize IT Governance

  • Enterprise governance of information and technology (EGIT)
  • Determining information requirements, roles, and values
  • Implementation guide and best practices
  • Design and implementation relationship

Using COBIT for IT Governance and Management

  • Implementation phases
  • Lifecycle components
  • Using a business case tool

Measuring the Framework Performance and Process

  • COBIT assessment process
  • Process attributes
  • Assessing process capability

Summary and Conclusion


  • Experience in IT management and operations
  • A general understanding of IT governance and information management


  • Business managers
  • IT managers
  • Risk and compliance managers
 7 Hours

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