Oracle SQL Language Training Course

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14 hours (usually 2 days including breaks)


  • Computer skills
  • Knowledge of any operating system


The course answers questions

How to build a query?

What possibilities have SQL?

What is a relational database?

What is the structure and SQL commands

Course Outline

Relational database models

  • The structure of a relational database
  • Connection types of tables
  • The normalization and denormalization database
  • Database Management System (RDBMS)

Relational Operators

Characteristics of declarative SQL language SQL Syntax Division language DQL, DML, DDL, DCL Language DQL (Data Query Language)

  • SELECT queries
  • Aliases columns, tables
  • Service date (DATE types, display functions, formatting)
  • Group Features
  • Combining internal and external tables
  • UNION operator
  • Nested Subqueries (the WHERE clause, the table name, column name)
  • Correlated subqueries

Data Modification Language

  • Inserting rows (INSERT clause)
  • Inserting via query
  • Updating rows (UPDATE)
  • Removing rows (DELETE)

Data Definition Language

  • Create, change of ownership, remove tables (CREATE, ALTER, DROP) Creating tables by asking (CREATE TABLE .... AS SELECT ...)


  • Options NULL and NOT NULL
  • CONSTRAINT clause
  • Condition PRIMARY KEY
  • Condition UNIQUE
  • Condition FOREIGN KEY
  • DEFAULT clause



Language DCL

  • Granting and revoking permissions (GRANT, REVOKE)
  • Roles
  • Creating Users
  • sequences
  • Synonyms
  • The views (perspective)



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